§ 45.1-161.29

Examinations required for Coal Mining Certifications

A. The Board of Coal Mining Examiners may require examination of applicants for certification; however, the Board shall require examination of applicants for the mine inspector certification. The Board may require such other information from applicants as may be necessary to ascertain competency and qualifications for each task. Except as specifically provided by this Act, the Board shall prescribe the qualifications for any certification. The examinations shall be conducted under such rules, conditions and regulations as the Board shall promulgate. Such rules, when promulgated, shall be made a part of the permanent record of the Board, shall periodically be published and shall be of uniform application to all applicants.

B. Any certificate issued by the Board shall be valid from the date of issuance unless and until it has been suspended pursuant to § 45.1-161.34, or has been revoked by the Board pursuant to § 45.1-161.35.


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