§ 45.1-161.34

Continuing education requirements

A. The Board of Coal Mining Examiners shall promulgate regulations establishing requirements for programs of continuing education for holders of certifications. The Board shall establish (i) the content and amount of continuing education to be required for maintaining certification; (ii) guidelines for the content of continuing education programs; (iii) procedures for approving continuing education programs and sponsors; (iv) distribution to holders of certificates of appropriate information regarding continuing education requirements; (v) provisions allowing surplus hours of continuing education to be carried forward from one period to meet the requirements for the next period; (vi) procedures for determining compliance with continuing education requirements; (vii) requirements for a certificate holder to provide the Board with his current address and such further administrative information as may be reasonable; and (viii) the length of time a certificate may be suspended for failure to comply with continuing education requirements before such certificate shall be revoked. The Board may also establish by regulation a fee to recover the reasonable costs of reissuing certificates or otherwise ascertaining that the requirements of this section have been satisfied.

B. A certification issued by the Board of Coal Mining Examiners shall be suspended if the holder fails to comply with the continuing education requirements established by the Board. The suspension shall be vacated upon compliance with the continuing education requirements. However, if the holder of a certificate does not comply with the continuing education requirements within the period of time established by the Board, the certificate shall be revoked.


1994, c. 28.


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