§ 45.1-161.33

Reciprocal acceptances of other certifications

A. In lieu of an examination prescribed by law or regulation, the Board of Coal Mining Examiners may issue to any person holding a certificate issued by another state a certificate permitting him to perform similar tasks in the Commonwealth, provided that (i) the Board finds that the requirements for certification in such state are substantially equivalent to those of Virginia and (ii) holders of certificates issued by the Board are permitted to perform similar tasks in such state, and obtain similar certification from such state if required, upon presentation of the certificate issued by the Board and without additional testing, training, or other requirements not directly related to program administration.

B. If the issuing authority in another state has revoked or suspended a certificate of a person who holds a similar Virginia certificate issued pursuant to this section, the person shall notify the Chief of such action by the other state within 10 days of such action. The Chief shall schedule a hearing of the Board of Coal Mining Examiners to determine whether his Virginia certificate should be revoked or suspended.


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