§ 45.1-186.1

Notice of noncompliance served on operator

A. The Director may cause a notice of noncompliance to be served on the operator whenever the operator fails to obey any order by the Director to:

1. Apply the control techniques and institute the actions approved in his operations and reclamation plan;

2. Comply with any required amendments to the operations or reclamation plan; or

3. Comply with any other requirement of this chapter or any rules or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto which affect the health, safety and welfare of the Commonwealth.

B. A copy of the notice shall be delivered to the operator or served by certified mail addressed to the operator at the permanent address shown on the application for a permit. The notice shall specify in writing in what respects the operator has failed to obey the order of the Director and shall require the operator to comply with the order within a reasonable period of time as fixed by the Director, following service of the notice.

C. If the operator has not complied with the requirements set forth in the notice of noncompliance within the time limits fixed therein, the Director shall revoke the permit and declare the forfeiture of the entire bond, which, when collected, shall be deposited in the state treasury in a special reclamation fund to be used by the Director in performing reclamation under the provisions of this chapter. After completion of the reclamation and payment of all fees as required by this chapter, any additional funds from the forfeiture: (i) of the bond shall be returned to the corporate surety; or (ii) of the collateral security, certified check or cash that has been deposited in lieu of bond, shall be returned to the person who provided it originally or to the operator. Within 30 days of the issuance of any permit revocation or bond forfeiture made under this section, the operator may request a review pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 (§ 2.2-4018 et seq.) of the Administrative Process Act.


1977, c. 312; 2012, cc. 803, 835.


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