§ 45.1-197.12

Revocation of permits; reclamation work

If a permit which has been issued to a member is revoked pursuant to § 45.1-186.1, then the payments which the member has made to the Fund, with respect to the permit so revoked, shall be forfeited to the Fund. The Director shall use the payments so forfeited or as much thereof as shall be necessary, for the reclamation of the mining operation to which the permit had applied. In the event that the cost of reclamation exceeds the amount of the forfeited payments, the Director shall also use the proceeds from the member’s bond or other security also forfeited in conjunction with the revocation of the permit, in accordance with § 45.1-186.1, except that if all members’ bonds and other securities have been released pursuant to § 45.1-197.10 then the Director shall draw upon the Fund for the entire cost of reclamation.


1978, c. 634.


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