§ 46.2-102

Enforcement by law-enforcement officers; officers to be uniformed; officers to be paid fixed salaries

State police officers and law-enforcement officers of every county, city, town, or other political subdivision of the Commonwealth shall enforce the provisions of this title punishable as felonies, misdemeanors, or traffic infractions. Additionally, notwithstanding § 52-22, state police officers may enforce local ordinances, adopted under subsection G of § 46.2-752, requiring the obtaining and displaying of local motor vehicle licenses. Fifty percent of the revenue collected from such enforcement shall be remitted by the locality to the Department of State Police and disposed of by the Department to cover its costs of operation. Every law-enforcement officer shall be uniformed at the time of the enforcement or shall display his badge or other sign of authority. All officers making arrests incident to the enforcement of this title shall be paid fixed salaries for their services and shall have no interest in, nor be permitted by law to accept the benefit of, any fine or fee resulting from the arrest or conviction of an offender against any provision of this title.With the consent of the landowner, any such officer or other uniformed employee of the local law-enforcement agency may patrol the landowner’s property to enforce state, county, city, or town motor vehicle registration and licensing requirements.Any law-enforcement officer may patrol the streets and roads within subdivisions of real property or within land submitted to a horizontal property regime pursuant to Chapter 4.1 (§ 55-79.1 et seq.) or 4.2 (§ 55-79.39 et seq.) of Title 55, which streets and roads are maintained by the owners of the lots or parcels of land within the subdivision or the owners of condominium units within any horizontal property regime or any association of owners, on the request or with the consent of the owners or association of owners, to enforce the provisions of this title punishable as felonies, misdemeanors, or traffic infractions.


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