§ 52-22

Arrests for violations of ordinances

The Superintendent of State Police, his assistants, and the State troopers, patrolmen and police officers appointed by him, shall have authority to execute warrants of arrest for violations of ordinances of counties, cities and towns when requested so to do by the county, city or town authorities. Such arrests may be made upon information transmitted as provided in § 52-20, as well as in cases where the officer is in possession of the warrant.The execution of any such warrant shall rest entirely in the discretion of the Superintendent and other officers who may be requested to execute the same, and no such officer shall execute the same in any case where it will in any way interfere with, delay or hinder him in the discharge of his official duties.


1947, p. 30; Michie Suppl. 1948, § 4827b.


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