§ 46.2-1314

Traffic schools; requiring attendance by persons convicted of certain violations

The governing body of any county or city may by ordinance provide for the establishment of a traffic school in the locality, at which instruction concerning laws and ordinances for the regulation of vehicular traffic, safe operation of vehicles, and such other subjects as may be prescribed shall be given. The ordinance shall provide for the supervision of the school, the days and hours of its operation, and its personnel. In the discretion of the governing body, the ordinance establishing a traffic school may vest the direction and conduct of the school in the general district court charged with hearing traffic cases.The governing body of any county or city may, alternatively, by ordinance provide for the designation of an existing traffic school or course operated as part of a county or city adult education program as a traffic school for the purposes of this section.Any court in a county or city which provides for a traffic school under this section may require any person found guilty of a violation of any provision of Chapter 8 (§ 46.2-800 et seq.) of this title or local ordinance governing the operation of motor vehicles to attend a traffic school in the county or city where the person is a resident or any traffic school that has been established in any jurisdiction contiguous to the county or city of residence of the convicted violator for a period specified in the order requiring the attendance if the governing body of that contiguous jurisdiction consents thereto. The requirement for attendance may be in lieu of or in addition to the penalties prescribed by § 46.2-113 or any such ordinance. Failure to comply with the order of the court shall be punishable as contempt.


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