§ 46.2-1700


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Class A licensee” means a driver training school that provides training in the operation of commercial motor vehicles as defined in § 46.2-341.4.”Class B licensee” means a driver training school that provides training in the operation of any type of motor vehicle other than motorcycles and commercial motor vehicles as defined in § 46.2-341.4.”Computer-based driver education course” means the classroom portion of driver education offered by a computer-based driver education provider through the Internet or other electronic means approved by the Department whose content and quality is comparable to that of courses offered in the Commonwealth’s public schools.”Computer-based driver education provider” means a driver training school licensed by the Department in accordance with this chapter to conduct computer-based driver education courses.”Driver training school” or “school” means a business enterprise conducted by an individual, association, partnership, or corporation, for the education and training of persons, either practically or theoretically or both, to operate or drive motor vehicles, and charging a consideration or tuition for such services. “Driver training school” or “school” does not mean any college, university, school established pursuant to § 46.2-1314, school maintained or classes conducted by employers for their own employees where no fee or tuition is charged, schools or classes owned and operated by or under the authority of bona fide religious institutions, or by the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof, training programs for school bus operators established pursuant to § 22.1-181, driver education programs established pursuant to § 22.1-205, or schools accredited by accrediting associations approved by the Department of Education; however, if any such entity or program excluded from the definition of “driver training school” offers driver education and training through a contractual arrangement with another person for consideration, then that other person shall be considered a driver training school subject to the requirements of this chapter.”Instructor” means any person, whether acting for himself as operator of a driver training school or for such school for compensation, who teaches, conducts classes, gives demonstrations, or supervises persons learning to operate or drive a motor vehicle.


1990, c. 466; 2004, c. 587; 2016, c. 437.


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