§ 46.2-1510

Dealers required to have established place of business

No license shall be issued to any motor vehicle dealer unless he has an established place of business, owned or leased by him, where a substantial portion of the sales activity of the business is routinely conducted and which:

1. Satisfies all local zoning regulations;

2. Has sales, service, and office space devoted exclusively to the dealership of at least 250 square feet in a permanent, enclosed building not used as a residence;

3. Houses all records the dealer is required to maintain by § 46.2-1529;

4. Is equipped with a desk, chairs, filing space, a working telephone listed in the name of the dealership, working utilities including electricity and provisions for space heating, and an Internet connection and email address;

5. Displays a sign and business hours as required by this chapter; and

6. Has contiguous space designated for the exclusive use of the dealer adequate to permit the display of at least 10 vehicles.

Any dealer licensed on or before July 1, 1995, shall be considered in compliance with subdivisions 2 and 6 of this section for that licensee.


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