§ 46.2-1530.2

Dealer’s manual transaction fee; use in special fund

Every dealer licensed under this chapter shall pay to the Department a fee of $ 15 for each manual transaction in excess of 20 transactions per month. For purposes of this section, a “manual transaction” shall be any transaction that is not conducted electronically or at a location run by an agent authorized to act on behalf of the Department pursuant to subsection B of § 46.2-205. Such fee shall be in addition to any fees charged by the Department pursuant to this title for the processing of an application for a new certificate of title or registration of a vehicle. The dealer’s manual transaction fee authorized by this section shall not apply to any transaction for which there is no Department-approved remote electronic filing option available. Any dealer who has been charged a dealer’s manual transaction fee shall not collect such transaction fee from the purchaser of the vehicle. All fees collected under the provisions of this section shall be paid into the state treasury and set aside as a special fund to meet the expenses of the Department.


2003, c. 997; 2006, c. 536.


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