§ 46.2-1531

Consignment vehicles; contract

Any motor vehicle dealer offering a vehicle for sale on consignment shall have in his possession a consignment contract for the vehicle, executed and signed by the dealer and the consignor. The consignment contract shall include:

1. The complete name, address, and the telephone number of the owners.

2. The name, address, and dealer certificate number of the selling dealer.

3. A complete description of the vehicle on consignment, including the make, model year, vehicle identification number, and body style, except that trailers shall not be subject to the requirement for vehicle identification number or body style.

4. The beginning and termination dates of the contract.

5. The percentage of commission, the amount of the commission, or the net amount the owner is to receive, if the vehicle is sold.

6. Any fees for which the owner is responsible.

7. A disclosure of all unsatisfied liens on the vehicle and the location of the certificate of title to the vehicle.

8. A requirement that the motor vehicle pass a safety inspection prior to sale or, if the motor vehicle is found not to be in compliance with any safety inspection requirement after having been inspected, the dealer shall either take steps to bring it into compliance or furnish any buyer intending to use that vehicle on the public highways a written disclosure, prior to sale, that the vehicle did not pass a safety inspection.

Any dealer offering a vehicle for sale on consignment shall inform any prospective customer that the vehicle is on consignment.Dealer license plates shall not be used to demonstrate a vehicle on consignment except on (i) motor vehicles with gross vehicle weight of 15,000 pounds or more, excluding RVs, (ii) vehicles on consignment from another licensed motor vehicle dealer, and (iii) vehicles on consignment from a nonprofit organization certified pursuant to subsection B of § 46.2-1508.1. The owner’s license plates may be used if liability insurance coverage is in effect in the amounts prescribed by § 46.2-472.No vehicles except motorcycles shall be sold on consignment by motorcycle dealers.No vehicles except recreational vehicles shall be sold on consignment by recreational vehicle dealers.No vehicles other than trailers shall be sold on consignment by trailer dealers.The provisions of this section shall also apply to watercraft trailers and watercraft trailer dealers.


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