§ 46.2-212.1

Payments by payment devices

The Commissioner may authorize the acceptance of payment devices in lieu of money for payment of any fees, fines, penalties, and taxes collected by the Department of Motor Vehicles or agents acting on behalf of the Department. The Department may add to such payment an amount of no more than four percent of the payment as a service charge for the acceptance of a payment device.The Commissioner may authorize a Department transaction receipt to be used with existing Department documents as evidence that the holder has complied with Department payment requirements, provided the transaction is completed before the document’s expiration date. Any such transaction receipt shall include detailed information as to length of time by which the document’s period of validity will be extended and how the transaction receipt is to be verified.


1989, c. 62, § 46.1-33.2; 1996, cc. 943, 994; 2000, c. 122.


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