§ 46.2-212

Notice given for records supplied

Whenever any records held by the Department are supplied to third persons, the third persons shall notify the subject of the records that the records have been supplied and shall send to the subject a copy of the records.As used in this section “records supplied to third persons” means all abstracts of operating records held by the Department in which the person who is the subject of the records is identified or identifiable, where the records are made available, in any way, to a person who is not the subject of the records.This section shall not apply to records supplied to any officials, including court and police officials of the Commonwealth and of any of the counties, cities, and towns of the Commonwealth, and court and law-enforcement officials of other states and of the federal government, provided the records or information supplied is for official use; nor shall this section apply to any records supplied to any insurer or its agents unless insurance is denied or the premium charged therefor is increased either wholly or in part because of information contained in such records.


1976, c. 505, § 46.1-33.1; 1989, c. 727.


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