§ 46.2-391.1

Suspension of registration certificates and plates upon suspension or revocation of driver’s license

Whenever the Commissioner, under the authority of law of the Commonwealth, suspends or revokes the driver’s license of any person upon receiving record of that person’s conviction, or whenever the Commissioner is notified that a court has suspended a person’s driving privilege pursuant to § 46.2-395, the Commissioner shall also suspend all of the registration certificates and license plates issued for any motor vehicles registered solely in the name of such person and shall not issue any registration certificate or license plate for any other vehicle that such person seeks to register solely in his name. Except for persons whose privileges have been suspended by a court pursuant to § 46.2-395, the Commissioner shall not suspend such registration certificates or license plates in the event such person has previously given or gives and thereafter maintains proof of his financial responsibility in the future, in the manner specified in this chapter, with respect to each and every motor vehicle owned and registered by such person. In this event it shall be lawful for said vehicle or vehicles to be operated during this period of suspension by any duly licensed driver when so authorized by the owner.


1992, c. 109; 1994, cc. 841, 945.


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