Suspension And Revocation Of Licenses, Generally; Additional Penalties

This is Article 12 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Suspension And Revocation Of Licenses, Generally; Additional Penalties.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Titling, Registration And Licensure.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Licensure Of Drivers.” It’s comprised of the following 40 sections.

§ 46.2-389
Required revocation for one year upon conviction or finding of guilty of certain offenses; exceptions
§ 46.2-390
Required suspension for conviction of theft or unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
§ 46.2-390.1
Required revocation for conviction of drug offenses or deferral of proceedings
§ 46.2-391
Revocation of license for multiple convictions of driving while intoxicated; exception; petition for restoration of privilege
§ 46.2-391.01
Administrative enforcement of ignition interlock requirements
§ 46.2-391.1
Suspension of registration certificates and plates upon suspension or revocation of driver's license
§ 46.2-391.2
Administrative suspension of license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle
§ 46.2-391.3
Content of notice of suspension
§ 46.2-391.4
When suspension to be rescinded
§ 46.2-391.5
Preparation and distribution of forms
§ 46.2-392
Suspension of license or issuance of a restricted license on conviction of reckless or aggressive driving; probationary conditions required; generally
§ 46.2-393
Suspension of license on conviction of certain reckless offenses; restricted licenses
§ 46.2-394
Revocation of license for fourth conviction of certain offenses
§ 46.2-395
Suspension of license for failure or refusal to pay fines or costs
§ 46.2-396
Suspension of license for reckless driving resulting in death of any person
§ 46.2-396.1
Conviction of serious driving offense
§ 46.2-397
Suspension of license for certain violations while transporting explosives, inflammable gas or liquid
§ 46.2-398
Disposition of surrendered licenses on revocation or suspension
§ 46.2-398.1
Issuance of restricted driver's privilege to out-of-state licensees
§ 46.2-399
Revocation of license for improper use or failure to pay certain taxes
§ 46.2-400
Suspension of license of person incompetent because of mental illness, intellectual disability, alcoholism, or drug addiction; return of license; duty of clerk of court
§ 46.2-401
Reports to Commissioner of discharge of individuals from state facilities
§ 46.2-402
When Commissioner may suspend or revoke license for not more than one year after hearing
§ 46.2-403
Contents of notice of hearing
§ 46.2-404
Where and before whom hearing held
§ 46.2-405
How hearings to be conducted
§ 46.2-406
Appointment and authority of hearing officers
§ 46.2-407
Form and contents of decision; copies
§ 46.2-408
When Commissioner may suspend or revoke license for no more than five years
§ 46.2-409
Certain abstracts of conviction to be prima facie evidence of conviction
§ 46.2-410
Appeals from order suspending or revoking license or registration
§ 46.2-410.1
Judicial review of revocation or suspension by Commissioner
§ 46.2-411
Reinstatement of suspended or revoked license or other privilege to operate or register a motor vehicle; proof of financial responsibility; reinstatement fee
§ 46.2-411.1
Reinstatement of driver's license suspended or revoked for a conviction of driving while intoxicated
§ 46.2-412
Time suspension or revocation
§ 46.2-413
Effect of reversal of conviction
§ 46.2-414
Commencement of periods for suspension or revocation of licenses, registration cards, or license plates
§ 46.2-415
United States magistrates and judges of district courts authorized to revoke or suspend driver's license under certain conditions
§ 46.2-416
Notice of suspension or revocation of license
§ 46.2-416.1
Suspension for failure to comply with traffic citation issued under federal law