§ 46.2-396.1

Conviction of serious driving offense

Upon the conviction of a traffic offense that causes the death of any person and which (i) the Commissioner has designated a serious traffic offense, a relatively serious traffic offense, or a traffic offense of a less serious nature under § 46.2-492 or (ii) constitutes any criminal offense in this title, the court may suspend the driver’s license of the person convicted for not more than twelve months, in addition to any other penalties provided by law and may order the surrender of his license to the court to be disposed of in accordance with § 46.2-398. In those cases where the court determines it is appropriate, the court may provide that any individual whose license is suspended pursuant to this section be issued a restricted license to operate a motor vehicle for any of the purposes set forth in subsection E of § 18.2-271.1 during the term of suspension. If the convicted driver does not have a driver’s license, as defined in § 46.2-100, or is a nonresident, the court may order the driver not to drive any motor vehicle in the Commonwealth for not more than twelve months.


2002, c. 849.


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