§ 5.1-31

Authority to acquire, construct, maintain and operate; permission of Department required

All cities, incorporated towns and counties of the Commonwealth may acquire, by purchase, lease, gift, condemnation or otherwise, within or without the limits of any such city, town or county, whatever land may be reasonably necessary for the purpose of establishing, constructing, owning, controlling, leasing, equipping, improving, maintaining and operating airports for the use of airplanes; may acquire, establish, construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, operate and regulate the use of such airports or landing fields, structures, air navigation facilities and other property incident thereto; may make, prior to such acquisition, investigation, surveys and plans and enter upon any lands or waters for such purposes; may construct, install, maintain and operate facilities for the servicing of aircraft, and for the accommodation and comfort of air travelers; may purchase and sell equipment and supplies as an incident to the operation of its airport properties; provided, that in the case of any county, the exercise of such authority beyond its territorial boundaries shall be only with the consent of the governing body of the political subdivision in which the power is sought to be exercised; provided, however, that no such city, town or county shall establish or operate any airport without first obtaining the permission of the Board, as now or hereafter provided by law.The governing body of a county, city, or town may create an airport authority that shall be empowered on behalf of such county, city, or town to have and exercise the powers and rights set out in this section.


Code 1950, §§ 5-20, 5-29; 1966, c. 576; 1979, c. 272; 1995, c. 453.


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