§ 5.1-32

Easements and privileges outside of airport or landing field boundaries

Where necessary to provide unobstructed airspace for the landing and taking off of aircraft utilizing airports or landing fields acquired or operated by any county, city or town under the provisions of this article, any such county, city or town may acquire, in the same manner as is provided for the acquisition of land for airport purposes, easements through or other interests or privileges with respect to lands or waters outside the boundaries of such airports or landing fields which are necessary to insure safe approaches to such airports or landing fields and the safe and efficient operation thereof; and may also acquire in like manner, for a term of years or perpetually, the right of easement to place and maintain suitable signs or markers or lights to adequately locate and mark objects or structures or uses of lands which are hazardous to aircraft using such airports or landing fields, including the right of ingress and egress to and from such airport hazards for the purpose of maintaining and repairing such signs, markers and lights.


Code 1950, § 5-21; 1966, c. 576.


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