§ 53.1-115.1

Superintendents of regional jails and regional jail-farms to make daily reports to Compensation Board

The superintendent of every regional jail and every regional jail-farm shall report each day to the Compensation Board, giving the record of each prisoner received during the preceding day in an electronic format approved by the Compensation Board, stating whether the offense for each prisoner is for violation of state law or of a city or town ordinance. The computer-generated report shall be authenticated by both the superintendent and chairman of the regional jail-farm board. Either person who authenticates such report and willfully falsifies the information contained in such report is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.If any superintendent fails to send such report, the Compensation Board shall notify the superintendent of such failure. If the superintendent fails to make the report within ten days, then the Compensation Board shall cause the report to be prepared from the books of the superintendent and shall certify the cost thereof to the Comptroller. The Comptroller shall issue his warrant on the Treasurer for that amount, deducting the same from any funds that may be due the superintendent by the Commonwealth.


1983, c. 358; 2000, cc. 70, 291; 2006, cc. 857, 914.


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