Regional Jails And Jail Farms

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Regional Jails And Jail Farms.” It is part of Title 53.1, titled “Prisons And Other Methods Of Correction.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Local Correctional Facilities.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 53.1-105
County and city regional jail or jail farm; persons who may be confined; release and transfer of prisoners
§ 53.1-106
Members of jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority; powers; payment of pro rata costs
§ 53.1-106.1
Location of jail facilities
§ 53.1-107
Organization of board; annual report
§ 53.1-108
Expenses and allowance
§ 53.1-109
Authority of jail superintendent and jail officers; fees charged to prisoner
§ 53.1-109.01
Authority for regional jail officers to carry weapons
§ 53.1-109.1
Handling of funds for regional jail or jail farm; county or city treasurer or director of finance as fiscal agent
§ 53.1-109.2
Regional jail superintendents not to be interested in private corrections enterprises
§ 53.1-110
Oath and bond of superintendent and jail officers
§ 53.1-111
Work of prisoners
§ 53.1-112
Jail or jail farm expenses
§ 53.1-113
Transportation of prisoners to jail or jail farm
§ 53.1-114
Reimbursement of costs
§ 53.1-115
Payment of salaries of superintendents and medical and treatment personnel
§ 53.1-115.1
Superintendents of regional jails and regional jail-farms to make daily reports to Compensation Board
§ 53.1-115.2
Establishment of stores in regional jails and regional jail farms