§ 53.1-133.4

Participant compensation

A. The sheriff or jail superintendent shall establish an amount to be allowed each jail industry program participant for each day of labor satisfactory to the sheriff or jail superintendent. The allowance shall be paid to the sheriff or jail superintendent or his designee. Distribution of a participant’s allowance shall be in the same manner as provided for distribution of wages earned in a work release program pursuant to § 53.1-131. In addition, participants working in the jail industry program may have payroll deductions withheld and may be required by the sheriff, jail superintendent or his designee to contribute to victim restitution funds and to operating costs associated with the jail industry program. The total deductions must not total more than eighty percent of the participant’s gross wages. The amount so deducted shall be deposited in the jail industries revenue fund and the sheriff, jail superintendent or his designee shall make the appropriate distributions of the money withheld. Any balance remaining at the conclusion of the participant’s confinement shall be paid to the participant upon his release.

B. In addition, the sheriff or jail superintendent may establish a system of pay incentives for jail industry program participants. The system may provide for the payment of a bonus to any participant who is assigned to employment in any position of responsibility or who performs his job in an exemplary manner.


1992, c. 859; 1995, c. 756.


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