§ 53.1-133.5

Disposition of money collected and payment of expenses for jail industry program

A. Any county, city or town that implements a jail industry program shall authorize the sheriff, jail superintendent or his designee to establish a separate fund for the operation of the program. This fund may be a special revenue fund with continuing authority to receive income and pay expenses associated with the jail industry program. The county, city, or regional jail authority shall audit the jail industry’s special revenue fund on an annual basis.

B. The sheriff or jail superintendent shall purchase at prices as low as reasonably possible all materials or other items used in the jail industry program as may be necessary. Invoices or itemized statements of account from each vendor of such materials and other items shall be obtained by the sheriff or jail superintendent and presented to the governing body of the county or city or, in the case of a regional jail or jail farm, the regional jail authority or, if none, that body responsible for the fiscal management of the regional jail or jail farm. The local governing body may require all such purchases to be made pursuant to local purchasing regulations.


1992, c. 859; 1995, c. 756.


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