§ 53.1-19

Establishment of correctional institutions

The Director, subject to the approval of the Board and the Governor, shall determine the necessity for and select the site of any new state correctional facility and any land to be taken or purchased by the Commonwealth for the purposes of any new or existing state correctional facility. The Director shall have charge of the construction of any new building at any state correctional facility, shall determine the design thereof, and for this purpose may employ architects and other experts or hold competitions for plans and designs. On or after January 1, 1996, at least ninety days in advance of the issuance of requests for proposals for construction, notice shall be given by the Director to the chairman of the board of supervisors or mayor of a county, city or town in which the facility is to be established or expanded for the purpose of the confinement of inmates. In addition, if the local governing body in the jurisdiction where the facility is to be located so requests, upon receipt of such request, the Department shall hold a public hearing in that jurisdiction. The Director may, if he finds it practical and economical, use persons sentenced to the Department as laborers in the construction of such structures.If land or property is taken or purchased by the Board, title shall be taken in the name of the Commonwealth. The original names of all state correctional facilities shall be designated by the Board and approved by the Governor.


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