General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 53.1, titled “Prisons And Other Methods Of Correction.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “State Correctional Facilities.” It’s comprised of the following 21 sections.

§ 53.1-18
Board to have custody of property; right to sue to protect property
§ 53.1-19
Establishment of correctional institutions
§ 53.1-20
Commitment of convicted persons to custody of Director
§ 53.1-20.1
Compensation of local jails for cost of incarceration
§ 53.1-21
Transfer of prisoners into and between state and local correctional facilities
§ 53.1-22
Misdemeanant suspected of having contagious disease
§ 53.1-23
Fingerprints, photographs and description
§ 53.1-23.1
§ 53.1-23.2
Department to give notice of the receipt of certain prisoners
§ 53.1-24
Record of convictions and register to be kept
§ 53.1-25
Director to prescribe rules; rules to be available to prisoners
§ 53.1-25.1
Rules of state correctional facilities
§ 53.1-26
Confiscation of prohibited articles
§ 53.1-27
Establishment of stores in state correctional facilities
§ 53.1-28
Authority to fix discharge date; improper release; warrant, arrest and hearing
§ 53.1-29
Authority for correctional officers and other employees to carry weapons
§ 53.1-30
Who may enter interior of state correctional facilities; searches of those entering
§ 53.1-31
Sale or lease of gas, oil or minerals
§ 53.1-31.1
Transportation of prisoners
§ 53.1-31.2
Notification of child support due by a prisoner
§ 53.1-31.3
Notification of incarcerated individuals ineligible for public assistance