§ 53.1-31.1

Transportation of prisoners

A. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Department shall provide all transportation to and from court for any prisoner in connection with a crime committed within a state correctional facility, or a facility operated pursuant to the Corrections Private Management Act (§ 53.1-261 et seq.), unless the affected sheriff and the Department agree on other transportation. Auxiliary police forces established under § 15.2-1731 who have met the training requirements of § 9.1-102, with the concurrence of the sheriff or other chief law-enforcement officer as appropriate, are specifically authorized to provide such transportation.

B. Authorized corrections personnel from any other state, the United States, and any political subdivisions thereof who transport a prisoner through the Commonwealth, deliver a prisoner to the Commonwealth, or take custody of a prisoner in the Commonwealth for transport to another jurisdiction are deemed to have lawful custody of such prisoner while in the Commonwealth.

C. Authorized Virginia corrections personnel who have a need to travel with a prisoner through or to another state are authorized to travel through such state and retain authority over such prisoner as allowed by such state.


2002, c. 240; 2003, c. 154; 2012, c. 827; 2015, c. 99.


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