§ 53.1-55

Sale or exchange of goods manufactured by prisoners of other states

It shall be unlawful for any person within this Commonwealth to buy or acquire by exchange on the open market, either for his own use or for the purpose of resale, or for any person to sell or exchange on the open market within this Commonwealth, any goods, wares or merchandise prepared in whole or in part, or manufactured by prisoners of any other state, other than prisoners on parole or probation.Any person or any agent or manager for any person who shall violate any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than $ 500 or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both in the discretion of the court or jury trying the case.


Code 1950, § 53-74; 1982, c. 636.


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