§ 53.1-82

Regional contracts for cooperative jailing of offenders; state reimbursement

A. Three or more counties or cities, or any combination thereof, are authorized to contract for services for the detention and confinement of categories of offenders in single or regional jail facilities operated by the contracting jurisdictions. In addition, (i) any three or more counties, cities or towns, or any combination thereof, operating a jail facility pursuant to an agreement for cooperative jailing established on or before January 31, 1993, (ii) any existing regional jail facilities established by only two cities, counties, or towns on or before June 30, 1982, and (iii) any regional jail facilities established by only two contiguous counties whose boundaries are not contiguous by land with the boundaries of any other county in the Commonwealth, may participate under the provisions of this section. The Board shall promulgate regulations specifying the categories of offenders which may be served pursuant to the contracts provided for herein.The governing bodies of localities participating in an agreement for cooperative jailing shall create a board to advise the locality in which the jail facility is located on matters affecting operation of the facility. Each participating locality shall have at least one representative on the board. The sheriff and any member of the local governing body of each participating locality shall be eligible for appointment to the board; however, when a participating locality appoints more than one representative, the sheriff shall be appointed unless the sheriff is the administrator or superintendent of the jail facility operated pursuant to the agreement for cooperative jailing. A sheriff serving as such administrator or superintendent shall be an ex officio member of the board.When such contracts are approved by the Board and, for the implementation of the contract, require the construction, enlargement, or renovation of a regional jail facility or the enlargement or renovation of an existing jail, the Commonwealth shall reimburse each such locality its pro rata share, up to one-half, of the capital costs, as defined in § 53.1-82.2, of such jail project in accordance with the provisions of this section and § 53.1-82.2 if the project was approved by the Governor prior to July 1, 2015, or the project is an enlargement or renovation of a regional jail facility created prior to July 1, 2015, and shall reimburse each such locality its pro rata share up to one-fourth of such capital costs if such project is approved by the Governor on or after July 1, 2015, and has been specifically authorized in the general appropriation act. Any agreement for cooperative jailing entered into on or after July 1, 1991, which requires the construction, enlargement, or renovation of a single or regional jail facility shall require such counties, cities and towns to participate in the costs of the facility for a minimum period of thirty years.The Board shall promulgate regulations, to include criteria which may be used to assess need and establish priorities, to serve as guidelines in evaluating requests for such reimbursement and to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of state funds provided for such purpose. The Department shall apply such regulations in preparing requests for appropriations. No such reimbursement shall be had unless the plans and specifications, including the need for additional personnel, thereof have been submitted to the Governor, and the jail project has been approved by him. The Governor shall base his approval in part on the expected operating cost-efficiency of the interior design of the facility. Such reimbursement shall be paid subject to the provisions of § 53.1-82.2.

B. In the event that a county, city or town requests and receives financial assistance for capital costs of a jail project from the Department of Criminal Justice Services or from other public fund sources outside of the provisions of this section, the total financial assistance and reimbursement shall not exceed the total cost of the project.In addition, no such reimbursement shall be had by localities entering into a contract pursuant to this section on or after February 1, 1993, unless at least three of the participating localities were each operating a jail on February 1, 1993.


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