Funding Local Correctional Facilities And Programs

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Funding Local Correctional Facilities And Programs.” It is part of Title 53.1, titled “Prisons And Other Methods Of Correction.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Local Correctional Facilities.” It’s comprised of the following 21 sections.

§ 53.1-80
State reimbursement of localities for construction
§ 53.1-81
Construction and operation of regional jail facilities; state reimbursement; agreements with Department
§ 53.1-82
Regional contracts for cooperative jailing of offenders; state reimbursement
§ 53.1-82.1
Approval of jail projects by the Board; plan for community corrections
§ 53.1-82.2
Method of reimbursement; involvement of the Treasury Board
§ 53.1-82.3
Budgeting schedule for jail projects
§ 53.1-83
§ 53.1-83.1
How state appropriations for operating costs of local correctional facilities determined
§ 53.1-84
State funds available to local correctional facilities for operating costs
§ 53.1-85
Time and manner of payment
§ 53.1-86
Limitation on use of state funds; records of receipts and disbursements
§ 53.1-87
Cost of maintenance of jails; payment by localities of respective shares of costs; judicial resolution of disagreements
§ 53.1-88
Governing body to examine statements, accounts and invoices and issue warrants
§ 53.1-89
§ 53.1-90
Pay for United States prisoners
§ 53.1-91
Pay for prisoners from other counties, cities or towns
§ 53.1-92
Disposition of money collected from United States or other counties, cities or towns
§ 53.1-93
When sheriffs to summon or employ guards and other persons; allowances therefor; fees charged to prisoner
§ 53.1-94
Same when paid by county or city; same when by Compensation Board
§ 53.1-95
Provisions applicable to jail farms of counties and cities
§ 53.1-95.1
Limits on state expenditures