§ 53.1-83.1

How state appropriations for operating costs of local correctional facilities determined

The Governor’s proposed biennial budget bill shall include, for each fiscal year, an appropriation for operating costs for local correctional facilities. The proposed appropriation shall include:

1. An amount for compensating localities for the cost of maintaining prisoners arrested on state warrants in local jails, regional jails and jail farms, at a specified rate per prisoner day;

2. An amount for maintaining convicted state felons in local correctional facilities, at a specified rate per felon day, pursuant to § 53.1-20.1;

3. An amount to pay two-thirds of the salaries of medical and treatment personnel approved by the State Compensation Board; and

4. An amount to be set aside for unanticipated medical emergencies.


1983, c. 358; 1992, cc. 333, 573.


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