§ 54.1-2142.1

Liability for false information

A licensee shall not be liable for providing false information if the information was (i) provided to the licensee by the licensee’s client; (ii) obtained from a governmental entity; (iii) obtained from a nongovernmental person or entity that obtained the information from a governmental entity; or (iv) obtained from a person licensed, certified, or registered to provide professional services in the Commonwealth, upon which the licensee relies, and the licensee did not (a) have actual knowledge that the information was false or (b) act in reckless disregard of the truth. This includes any regulatory action brought under this chapter and any civil actions filed. However, nothing in this article shall create a civil cause of action against a licensee.


2011, c. 461; 2013, c. 499; 2016, c. 334.


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