Duties Of Real Estate Brokers And Salespersons

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Duties Of Real Estate Brokers And Salespersons.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By The Department Of Professional And Occupational Regulation And Boards Within The Department.” It is part of Chapter 21, titled “Real Estate Brokers, Sales Persons And Rental Location Agents.” It’s comprised of the following 21 sections.

§ 54.1-2130
§ 54.1-2131
Licensees engaged by sellers
§ 54.1-2132
Licensees engaged by buyers
§ 54.1-2133
Licensees engaged by landlords to lease property
§ 54.1-2134
Licensees engaged by tenants
§ 54.1-2135
Licensees engaged to manage real estate
§ 54.1-2136
Preconditions to brokerage relationship
§ 54.1-2137
Commencement and termination of brokerage relationships
§ 54.1-2138
Disclosure of brokerage relationship in residential real estate transactions
§ 54.1-2138.1
Limited service agent in a residential real estate transaction, contract disclosure required
§ 54.1-2139.01
Disclosed dual agency and dual representation in commercial real estate transactions authorized
§ 54.1-2139.1
Designated standard agency or designated representation authorized in a residential real estate transaction
§ 54.1-2139.2
§ 54.1-2140
Compensation shall not imply brokerage relationship
§ 54.1-2141
Brokerage relationship not created by using common source information company
§ 54.1-2142
Liability; knowledge not to be imputed
§ 54.1-2142.1
Liability for false information
§ 54.1-2143
Real estate board regulations to be consistent
§ 54.1-2144
Common law abrogated
§ 54.1-2145
Article does not limit antitrust laws
§ 54.1-2146
Licensee maintenance of records