§ 54.1-2409.2

Board to set criteria for determining need for professional regulation

The Board of Health Professions shall study and prepare a report for submission to the Governor and the General Assembly by October 1, 1997, containing its findings and recommendations on the appropriate criteria to be applied in determining the need for regulation of any health care occupation or profession. Such criteria shall address at a minimum the following principles:

1. Promotion of effective health outcomes and protection of the public from harm.

2. Accountability of health regulatory bodies to the public.

3. Promotion of consumers’ access to a competent health care provider workforce.

4. Encouragement of a flexible, rational, cost-effective health care system that allows effective working relationships among health care providers.

5. Facilitation of professional and geographic mobility of competent providers.

6. Minimization of unreasonable or anti-competitive requirements that produce no demonstrable benefit.

The Board in its study shall analyze and frame its recommendations in the context of the total health care delivery system, considering the current and changing nature of the settings in which health care occupations and professions are practiced. It shall recognize in its recommendations the interaction of the regulation of health professionals with other areas of regulation including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Regulation of facilities, organizations, and insurance plans;

2. Health delivery system data;

3. Reimbursement issues;

4. Accreditation of education programs; and

5. Health workforce planning efforts.

The Board in its study shall review and analyze the work of publicly and privately sponsored studies of reform of health care workforce regulation in other states and nations. In conducting its study the Board shall cooperate with the state academic health science centers with accredited professional degree programs.


1996, c. 532.


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