General Provisions

This is Chapter 24 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By Boards Within The Department Of Health Professions.” It’s comprised of the following 35 sections.

§ 54.1-2400
General powers and duties of health regulatory boards
§ 54.1-2400.01
Certain definition
§ 54.1-2400.01:1
Surgery defined; who may perform surgery
§ 54.1-2400.02
Information concerning health professionals; posting of addresses on the Internet; providing personal information under certain circumstances prohibited; collection of address information from health professionals
§ 54.1-2400.1
Mental health service providers; duty to protect third parties; immunity
§ 54.1-2400.2
Confidentiality of information obtained during an investigation or disciplinary proceeding; penalty
§ 54.1-2400.3
Disciplinary actions to be reported
§ 54.1-2400.4
Mental health service providers duty to inform; immunity; civil penalty
§ 54.1-2400.5
Suspension of license, certificate, registration or other authorization issued by a health regulatory board upon delinquency; procedure; reinstatement
§ 54.1-2400.6
Hospitals, other health care institutions, home health and hospice organizations, and assisted living facilities required to report disciplinary actions against and certain disorders of health professionals; immunity from liability; failure to report
§ 54.1-2400.7
Practitioners treating other practitioners for certain disorders to make reports; immunity from liability
§ 54.1-2400.8
Immunity for reporting
§ 54.1-2401
Monetary penalty
§ 54.1-2402
Citizen members on health regulatory boards
§ 54.1-2402.1
(Effective until October 1, 2016) Appointments, removals, and limitation of terms of members of regulatory boards
§ 54.1-2402.1
(Effective October, 1, 2016) Appointments, removals, and limitation of terms of members of regulatory boards
§ 54.1-2403
Certain advertising prohibited
§ 54.1-2403.01
Routine component of prenatal care
§ 54.1-2403.02
Prenatal education; cord blood banking
§ 54.1-2403.1
Protocol for certain medical history screening required
§ 54.1-2403.2
Record storage
§ 54.1-2403.3
Medical records; ownership; provision of copies
§ 54.1-2404
Itemized statements required upon request
§ 54.1-2405
Transfer of patient records in conjunction with closure, sale, or relocation of practice; notice required
§ 54.1-2406
Treatment records of practitioners
§ 54.1-2407
Requirements for human research
§ 54.1-2408
Disqualification for license, certificate or registration
§ 54.1-2408.1
Summary action against licenses, certificates, registrations, or multistate licensure privilege; allegations to be in writing
§ 54.1-2408.2
Minimum period for reinstatement after revocation
§ 54.1-2408.3
Practice pending appeal
§ 54.1-2409
Mandatory suspension or revocation; reinstatement; hearing for reinstatement
§ 54.1-2409.1
Criminal penalties for practicing certain professions and occupations without appropriate license
§ 54.1-2409.2
Board to set criteria for determining need for professional regulation
§ 54.1-2409.3
Participation of advisory boards in disciplinary proceedings
§ 54.1-2409.4
Authority to receive laboratory results directly