§ 54.1-2515


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Committee” means the Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program Committee as described in § 54.1-2517.”Contract” means a written agreement between a practitioner and the Committee providing the terms and conditions of program participation or a written agreement entered into by the Director for the implementation of monitoring services.”Disciplinary action” means any proceeding that may lead to a monetary penalty or probation or to a reprimand, restriction, revocation, suspension, denial, or other order relating to the license, certificate, registration, or multistate privilege of a health care practitioner issued by a health regulatory board.”Impairment” means a physical or mental disability, including but not limited to substance abuse, that substantially alters the ability of a practitioner to practice his profession with safety to his patients and the public.”Practitioner” means any individual regulated by any health regulatory board listed in § 54.1-2503.”Program” means the Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program established pursuant to § 54.1-2516.


1997, c. 439; 2009, c. 472; 2016, c. 105.


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