§ 54.1-404

Regulations; code of professional practice and conduct

A. The Board shall promulgate regulations not inconsistent with this chapter governing its own organization, the professional qualifications of applicants, the requirements necessary for passing examinations in whole or in part, the proper conduct of its examinations, the implementation of exemptions from license requirements, and the proper discharge of its duties.

B. The Board may impose different licensure requirements for a limited area of the practice of land surveying for persons who determine topography, contours, or depiction of physical improvements utilizing photogrammetric methods or similar remote sensing technology who are not otherwise exempt pursuant to subsection C of § 54.1-402. Any such requirements shall include reasonable provisions for licensure without examination of persons deemed by the Board to be qualified to provide photogrammetric and remote sensing surveying services.Any license issued pursuant to this subsection shall be distinctive, reflecting the limited area of the practice of land surveying so authorized, and considered as a land surveyor and the practice of land surveying for the purposes of §§ 13.1-549, 13.1-1111, 54.1-402, 54.1-405, 54.1-406 and 54.1-411. Nothing herein shall be construed to authorize a person issued a limited license pursuant to this subsection to practice beyond such limited area of practice. The establishment of any such limited license shall not prohibit any duly qualified land surveyor licensed pursuant to § 54.1-400 from engaging in any such limited area of practice.

C. The regulations may include a code of professional practice and conduct, the provisions of which shall serve any or all of the following purposes:

1. The protection of the public health, safety and welfare;

2. The maintenance of standards of objectivity, truthfulness and reliability in public statements by professionals;

3. The avoidance by professionals of conflicts of interests;

4. The prohibition of solicitation or acceptance of work by professionals on any basis other than their qualifications for the work offered;

5. The restriction by the professional in the conduct of his professional activity from association with any person engaging in illegal or dishonest activities; or

6. The limitation of professional service to the area of competence of each professional.


Code 1950, § 54-25; 1974, c. 459; 1982, c. 590; 1988, c. 765; 2005, cc. 359, 440.


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