Architects, Engineers, Surveyors And Landscape Architects

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Architects, Engineers, Surveyors And Landscape Architects.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By The Department Of Professional And Occupational Regulation And Boards Within The Department.” It is part of Chapter 4, titled “Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects And Interior Designers.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 54.1-400
§ 54.1-401
§ 54.1-402
Further exemptions from license requirements for architects, professional engineers, and land surveyors
§ 54.1-402.1
State and local government employees; license exemptions for persons employed prior to March 8, 1992
§ 54.1-402.2
Cease and desist orders for unlicensed activity; civil penalty
§ 54.1-403
Board members and officers; quorum
§ 54.1-404
Regulations; code of professional practice and conduct
§ 54.1-404.1
§ 54.1-404.2
Continuing education
§ 54.1-405
Examinations and issuance of licenses and certificates
§ 54.1-406
License required
§ 54.1-407
Land surveying
§ 54.1-408
Practice of land surveying; subdivisions
§ 54.1-409
Practice of landscape architecture; license required
§ 54.1-410
Other building laws not affected; duties of public officials
§ 54.1-410.1
Prerequisites for obtaining business license
§ 54.1-411
Organization for practice; registration