§ 55-210.13

Notices to be published by State Treasurer

A. The State Treasurer shall cause to be published notice of the report filed under subsection D of § 55-210.12 once each year in an English language newspaper of general circulation in the area in which is located the last known address of any person to be named in the notice. If no address is listed or if the address is outside of the Commonwealth, the notice shall be published in the area in which the holder of the abandoned property has his principal place of business.

B. The published notice shall be entitled “Commonwealth of Virginia Unclaimed Property List” and shall contain:

1. The names in alphabetical order and account numbers of persons listed in the report and entitled to notice within the area as hereinbefore specified.

2. A statement that information concerning the amount or description of the property and the name and address of the holder may be obtained by any persons possessing an interest in the property by addressing an inquiry to the State Treasurer.

C. The administrator is not required to publish in such notice any item of less than $ 100 unless he deems such publication to be in the public interest.


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