Procedural And Administrative Matters

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Procedural And Administrative Matters.” It is part of Title 55, titled “Property And Conveyances.” It is part of Chapter 11.1, titled “Disposition Of Unclaimed Property.” It’s comprised of the following 27 sections.

§ 55-210.12
Report and remittance to be made by holder of funds or property presumed abandoned; holder to exercise due diligence to locate owner
§ 55-210.12:1
§ 55-210.13
Notices to be published by State Treasurer
§ 55-210.14
§ 55-210.15
Holder relieved of liability for property paid or delivered to administrator; payment to owner by holder; proceedings against prior holder; notice to administrator and Attorney General; reimbursement of holder
§ 55-210.16
§ 55-210.16:1
Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account
§ 55-210.17
Periods of limitation
§ 55-210.18
Sale of abandoned property by administrator
§ 55-210.18:1
When securities received in name of owner
§ 55-210.19
Disposition of funds received under chapter; records to be kept by administrator
§ 55-210.20
Filing claim to property or proceeds of sale thereof
§ 55-210.21
Consideration of and hearing on claim by State Treasurer; payment; interest
§ 55-210.22
Judicial review of decision of State Treasurer
§ 55-210.23
Election of State Treasurer not to receive property or to postpone taking possession of funds
§ 55-210.24
Requests for verified reports and examinations of records
§ 55-210.24:1
Retention of records
§ 55-210.24:2
Confidentiality of information and records
§ 55-210.25
Enforcement of chapter
§ 55-210.26
§ 55-210.26:1
Interest and penalties
§ 55-210.27
Determinations; appeal procedures; rules and regulations of State Treasurer
§ 55-210.27:1
Agreements to locate reported property; penalty
§ 55-210.28
Property presumed abandoned or escheated under laws of another state
§ 55-210.28:1
Property held or payable pursuant to Title 51.1
§ 55-210.29
Construction of chapter
§ 55-210.30