§ 55-248.42

Written agreement required

A. All terms governing the rental and occupancy of a manufactured home lot shall be contained in a written agreement which shall be dated and signed by all parties thereto prior to commencement of tenancy. A copy of the signed and dated written agreement and a copy of the Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act (§ 55-248.41 et seq.) or a clear and simple description of the obligations of landlords and tenants under the Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act shall be given by the landlord to the tenant within seven days after the tenant signs the written agreement. A copy of this chapter, including the full text of those sections of the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (§ 55-248.2 et seq.) referenced in § 55-248.48, shall be posted in the manufactured home park. The written agreement shall not contain any provisions contrary to the provisions of this chapter and shall not contain a provision prohibiting the tenant from selling his manufactured home. A notice of any change by a landlord in any terms or provisions of the rental agreement shall constitute a notice to vacate the premises, and such notice shall be given in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement or as otherwise required by law. The agreement shall not provide that the tenant pay any recurring charges except fixed rent, utility charges or reasonable incidental charges for services or facilities supplied by the landlord.

B. In the event any party has a secured interest in the manufactured home, the written agreement or rental application shall contain the name and address of any such party as well as the name and address of the dealer from whom the manufactured home was purchased. In addition, the written agreement shall require the tenant to notify the landlord within ten days of any new security interest, change of existing security interest, or settlement of security interest.


1975, c. 535; 1986, c. 586; 1991, c. 500; 1992, c. 709.


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