§ 55-248.42:1

Term of rental agreement; renewal; security deposits

A. A park owner shall offer all current and prospective year-round residents a rental agreement with a rental period of not less than one year. Such offer shall contain the same terms and conditions as are offered with shorter term leases, except that rental discounts may be offered by a park owner to residents who enter into a rental agreement for a period of not less than one year.

B. Upon the expiration of a rental agreement, such agreement shall be automatically renewed for a term of one year with the same terms unless the park operator provides written notice to the tenant of any change in the terms of the agreement at least sixty days prior to the termination date. In the event of an automatic renewal of a rental agreement involving a year-round resident, the security deposit initially furnished by the tenant shall not be increased by the park owner nor shall an additional security deposit be required.

C. Except as limited by subsection B of this section, the provisions of § 55-248.15:1 shall govern the terms and conditions of security deposits for rental agreements under this chapter.


1992, c. 709; 1999, c. 513; 2000, c. 41.


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