§ 55-366

Time-sharing permitted

A time-share project shall be permitted on any land or improvement thereon lying within the Commonwealth unless prohibited by zoning then in effect or by the express language of any legally enforceable covenant, condition or restriction, however denominated, contained in the governing documents of record for such land, including without limitation, condominium instruments under the Condominium Act (§ 55-79.39 et seq.), a time-share instrument under this chapter, declaration under the Virginia Real Estate Cooperative Act (§ 55-424 et seq.) or a master deed under the Horizontal Property Act (§ 55-79.1 et seq.). This chapter shall not be construed to affect the validity of any provisions of any time-share program or any expansion thereof or time-share instrument recorded or in existence prior to July 1, 1981.


1981, c. 462; 1994, c. 580; 1998, c. 460.


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