§ 55-374.1

Certain advertising practices regulated

A. Any offering which includes a gift or prize must disclose therein, with the same prominence as such offer:

1. The retail value of each gift or prize;

2. The approximate odds against any given person obtaining each gift or prize if all persons to whom the advertisement is disseminated do what is necessary to qualify for the award of the gift or prize;

3. If the number of gifts or prizes to be awarded is limited, a statement of the number of gifts or prizes to be awarded or in lieu thereof, the nature of such limitation;

4. All rules, terms, requirements, and conditions which must be fulfilled before a prospective purchaser may claim any gift or prize, including whether the prospective purchaser is required to attend a sales presentation in order to receive the gift or prize;

5. The date upon which the offer expires; and

6. A statement to the effect that the offer is being made for the purpose of soliciting the purchase of a time-share, time-share interest, interval ownership, interval ownership interest, vacation ownership, vacation ownership interest or product, as appropriate.

B. Any gift or prize offered in connection with an offering shall be delivered to the prospective purchaser no later than the day the purchaser attends a sales presentation, if required, and if not, on the day the purchaser appears to claim it, whether or not he purchases a time-share. In the event the supply of gifts or prizes is exhausted at the time required for delivery, the developer shall give the prospective purchaser a written, unconditional promise to deliver such gift or prize no later than 30 days from the date required for delivery. If such gift or prize is not obtainable, the developer shall deliver an item of equal or greater value.

C. The offering or sale of any product registered with the Board is exempt from the Virginia Travel Club Act (§ 59.1-445 et seq.), the Virginia Condominium Act (§ 55-79.39 et seq.), the Virginia Securities Act (§ 13.1-501 et seq.), the Virginia Home Solicitation Sales Act (§ 59.1-21.1 et seq.), the Subdivided Land Sales Act (§ 55-336 et seq.), Chapter 27.2 (§ 55-525.8 et seq.) of Title 55, and the Prizes and Gifts Act (§ 59.1-415 et seq.).


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