§ 59.1-445


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Accommodations” means any real property improvement provided by the travel club to its members for lodging purposes, including, without limitation, condominiums, hotels, motels or motor courts.”Board” means the Virginia Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services.”Carrier” means any person engaged in the business of transporting persons for hire.”Commissioner” means the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or his designee.”Contract” shall be synonymous with “travel services agreement.”"Offer,” or “offering” means any act to sell, solicit, induce, advertise, or execute a travel services agreement.”Purchaser” means any person who enters into an agreement in whole or in part within this Commonwealth with a travel club for travel services.”Travel club” means a for-profit organization that provides, in return for either an advance fee for membership or an annual charge for membership of more than $ 100, the privilege for its members or participants to arrange or obtain future travel services through or from the organization. Travel club shall exclude credit card issuers whose cards are honored at any one time by 100 or more merchants, other than the issuer.”Travel services” means transportation by carrier; accommodations; rental of motor vehicles; or any other service related to travel. For purposes of this chapter, “travel services” shall not include investments in time shares.”Travel services agreement” means the agreement executed in whole or in part in this Commonwealth between the travel club and the purchaser of the membership in such club and does not include arrangements or agreements for specific travel transportation, accommodation or other specific services.


1993, c. 760; 1994, c. 482.


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