§ 55-79.88

Limitations on dispositions of units

Unless exempt by § 55-79.87:

1. No declarant may offer or dispose of any interest in a condominium unit located in this Commonwealth, nor offer or dispose in this Commonwealth of any interest in a condominium unit located without this Commonwealth prior to the time the condominium including such unit is registered in accordance with this chapter.

2. No declarant may dispose of any interest in a condominium unit unless he delivers to the purchaser a current public offering statement by the time of such disposition and such disposition is expressly and without qualification or condition subject to cancellation by the purchaser within five calendar days from the contract date of the disposition or delivery of the current public offering statement, whichever is later. If the purchaser elects to cancel, he may do so by notice thereof hand-delivered or sent by United States mail, return receipt requested, to the declarant. Such cancellation shall be without penalty, and any deposit made by the purchaser shall be promptly refunded in its entirety.

3. The purchaser’s right to cancel the purchase contract pursuant to subdivision 2 shall be set forth on the first page of the purchase contract in boldface print of not less than 12 point type.


1974, c. 416; 1975, c. 415; 1988, c. 15; 2014, c. 215.


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