§ 55-79.98

General powers and duties of the Common Interest Community Board

A. The agency shall prescribe reasonable rules and regulations which shall be adopted, amended or repealed in compliance with law applicable to the administrative procedure of agencies of government. The rules and regulations shall include but not be limited to provisions for advertising standards to assure full and fair disclosure; provisions for operating procedures; and other rules and regulations as are necessary and proper to accomplish the purpose of this chapter.

B. The agency by rule or by an order, after reasonable notice and hearing, may require the filing of advertising material relating to condominiums prior to its distribution.

C. If it appears that a person has engaged or is about to engage in an act or practice constituting a violation of a provision of this chapter, or a rule or order hereunder, the agency, with or without prior administrative proceedings may bring an action in the circuit court of the city or county in which any portion of the condominium is located to enjoin the acts or practices and to enforce compliance with this chapter or any rule or order hereunder. Upon proper showing, injunctive relief of temporary restraining orders shall be granted. The agency is not required to post a bond in any court proceedings or prove that any other adequate remedy at law exists.

D. With respect to any lawful process served upon the agency pursuant to the appointment made in accordance with subdivision A 1 of § 55-79.89, the agency shall forthwith cause the same to be sent by registered or certified mail to any of the principals, officers, directors, partners, or trustees of the declarant listed in the application for registration at the last address listed in such application or any annual report.

E. The agency may intervene in any suit involving the declarant. In any suit by or against a declarant involving a condominium, the declarant shall promptly furnish the agency notice of the suit and copies of all pleadings.

F. The agency may:

1. Accept registrations filed in other states or with the federal government;

2. Contract with similar agencies in this Commonwealth or other jurisdictions to perform investigative functions;

3. Accept grants in aid from any governmental source.

G. The agency shall cooperate with similar agencies in other jurisdictions to establish uniform filing procedures and forms, uniform public offering statements, advertising standards, rules and common administrative practices.


1974, c. 416; 1981, c. 480; 2011, c. 605.


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