§ 56-256

Powers of corporations generally; rights, powers, privileges and immunities, etc

Every corporation organized for the purpose of: (1) constructing, maintaining, and operating an electric railway, or works, (2) supplying and distributing electricity for light, heat, or power, (3) producing, distributing, and selling steam, heat, or power, or compressed air, (4) producing, distributing and selling gas made of coal or other materials, (5) furnishing and distributing a water supply to any city or town, or (6) piping cold air outside of its plant, or (7) constructing and maintaining any public viaduct, bridge or conduit, shall, in addition to the powers conferred upon corporations generally, have all the rights, powers, privileges, and immunities, and be subject to all the rules, regulations, restrictions, pains, and penalties prescribed by §§ 56-458, 56-459 to 56-462, 56-466, 56-467 and 56-484, which sections shall apply to, and as far as practicable, operate upon the corporations mentioned in this section, unless otherwise provided.


Code 1919, §§ 4058, 4061.


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