§ 58.1-1817

Installment agreements for the payment of taxes

A. The Tax Commissioner is authorized to enter into a written agreement with any taxpayer under which such taxpayer is allowed to satisfy his tax liability in installment payments, if the Tax Commissioner determines such an agreement will facilitate collection.

B. Except as otherwise provided in this section, any agreement entered into by the Tax Commissioner under subsection A shall remain in effect for the term of the agreement.The Tax Commissioner may terminate any installment agreement if:

1. Information which the taxpayer provided prior to the date such agreement was entered into was inaccurate or incomplete; or

2. The Tax Commissioner determines that the collection of any tax to which an agreement relates is in jeopardy.

C. If the Tax Commissioner makes a determination that the financial condition of a taxpayer who has entered into an installment agreement under this section has significantly changed, the Tax Commissioner may alter, modify, or terminate such agreement. Such action may be taken only if (i) notice of the action is provided to the taxpayer no later than thirty days prior to the date of such action and (ii) such notice includes the reasons why the Tax Commissioner believes a significant change in the financial condition of the taxpayer has occurred.

D. The Tax Commissioner may alter, modify, or terminate an installment agreement in the case of the failure of the taxpayer:

1. To pay any installment at the time it is due;

2. To pay any other tax liability at the time it is due;

3. To provide a financial condition update as requested by the Tax Commissioner; or

4. To file with the Department any required tax or information return during the time period such agreement is in effect.

E. The Tax Commissioner may alter, modify, or terminate an installment agreement under other exceptional circumstances as he deems appropriate.


1996, c. 634.


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