§ 58.1-1818

Taxpayer problem resolution program; taxpayer assistance orders

A taxpayer problem resolution program shall be available to taxpayers to facilitate the prompt review and resolution of taxpayer complaints and problems which have not been addressed or remedied through normal administrative proceedings or operational procedures and to assure that taxpayer rights are safeguarded and protected during the tax determination and collection processes.The Tax Commissioner shall designate a taxpayers’ rights advocate and adequate staff to administer the taxpayer problem resolution program.The taxpayers’ rights advocate may issue a taxpayer assistance order that suspends or stays actions or proposed actions by the Department when a taxpayer suffers or is about to suffer a significant hardship as a result of a tax determination, collection, or enforcement process. When determined to be necessary by the taxpayers’ rights advocate, he may require a formal written request to be submitted by the taxpayer.Relief or remedy may be granted by a taxpayer assistance order only as an extraordinary measure. The process shall not be used to contest the merits of a tax liability, or as a substitute for informal protest procedures, or normal administrative or judicial proceedings for the review of a tax assessment or collection action, or denial of refund.The running of the period of limitations on an assessment shall be tolled from the date of a taxpayer’s request for a taxpayer assistance order until either the date the request is denied or the date specified in the taxpayer assistance order, whichever is applicable.


1996, c. 634.


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