§ 58.1-2626

Annual state license tax on companies furnishing water, heat, light or power

A. Every corporation doing in the Commonwealth the business of furnishing water, heat, light or power, whether by means of gas or steam, except (i) a pipeline transmission company taxed pursuant to § 58.1-2627.1, (ii) a pipeline distribution company as defined in § 58.1-2600 and a gas utility and a gas supplier as defined in § 58.1-400.2, or (iii) an electric supplier as defined in § 58.1-400.2, shall, for the privilege of doing business within the Commonwealth, pay to the Commonwealth for each tax year an annual license tax equal to two percent of its gross receipts, actually received, from all sources.

B. The state license tax provided in subsection A shall be (i) in lieu of all other state license or franchise taxes on such corporation, and (ii) in lieu of any tax upon the shares of stock issued by it.

C. Nothing herein contained shall exempt such corporation from motor vehicle license taxes, motor vehicle fuel taxes, fees required by § 13.1-775.1 or from assessments for street and other local improvements, which shall be authorized by law, nor from the county, city, town, district or road levies.

D. Nothing herein contained shall annul or interfere with any contract or agreement by ordinance between such corporations and cities and towns as to compensation for the use of the streets or alleys by such corporations.


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